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Ilya Titov
freelance developer
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Website Design

A business website will let your potential customers find your products and services online. I have substantial experience in developing and maintaining business websites — one of my first professional content managed websites was built in 2008 for the Best Western Clifton Hotel.

My services include bespoke website design, website support, new features implementation, content management, troubleshooting technical issues and website integration with third party service providers. (Shipping courier integration, email marketing and social media feeds.)

See website design examples in the portfolio

E-commerce websites

Increase your target audience and grow sales by putting your products online. Contact me to discuss your requirements and select a suitable shopping cart or develop a custom solution.

If you already have an online shop, you may benefit from a shipping carier integration that will save staff time on typing in shipment details and generate smart paperwork. I can also develop a custom telesales management control panel with searchable customer records, order/shipment status, automated confirmation emails and one click paperwork generation.

Over the years I have worked with Microsoft Dynamics RMS + Nitrosell, Magento, OpenCart and Wordpress plugin shopping carts as well as custom implementations of Paypal and RBS payment gateways.

The Golden Boot orders

Virtual Tours

What makes your website different? If your premises are something you are proud of, or if you are looking for a new way of presenting interioirs then I can create a stunning virtual tour experience for your website. Best suited for real estate properties showcase, interiors and events.

For examples of my virtual tours visit

The guide price per single location is £60 and multiple location projects will be quoted based on the requirements.

Please get in touch, if you think you will require a large volume of panoramas — I have a custom robotic photography system with typical shooting times of 1 minute per panorama and can provide discount rates. (ie regular property photography for sale/rent listings)

Business Operations Optimisation

I can develop database applications that will automate repetitive tasks, minimize paperwork and improve customer experience.

Retailers can benefit from automated generation of printed order stationery, labels and emails — all generated from a single cutomer order/record database. A custom solution will allow you to search through web orders and telesales by customer surname, date, partial address, even by the products they bought or any other data on record. A special office comments area will allow your staff to leave notes about the order status and any issues so the next member of staff to pick up the phone will see the full customer history on the screen.

If you have or are looking to build a large email database, I can set up an automated subscribe/unsubscribe manager and bulk mailing facility that will take into account individual subscriber mailing preferences and allow you to send out graphics-rich emails.

As an example please see an overview of back office automation services developed for The Golden Boot.

Graphic Design

I offer graphic design and product photography services, corporate identity and stationery design, print and outdoor adverts, brochures, website banners, posters, vinyls and stationery.

I can also provide large format printing service to photo paper and canvas up to sizes of 200x60cm.

See entries tagged graphic_design in my portfolio.


Product Photography

I can built a bespoke photography system to automate the shooting, processing and upload of images to your website.

For more information please visit the product photography section on

Email Marketing

Automated email system puts users in control of subscribing/unsubscribing and lets them choose minimum period between emails.
Send graphics reach emails for best customer engagement:

HTML email

Web design, photography and artwork by Ilya Titov unless otherwise stated.